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TIDE Rugby has a long history not only in Victoria but throughout BC, some say dating back to 1895. This representative team expanded to junior age groups and has become one of the principal opportunities for youth excelling in the sport of rugby to compete at representative levels within the Province. It also provides our young Vancouver Island rugby athletes an opportunity for exposure to Provincial and National Level selectors. Playing Tide is the first step for our young male and female athletes to be potential future representatives for our Provincial and National Rugby programs. The Junior Tide Teams carry with them a history of excelling at the Representative level with many finishing in top 3 placements, year to year.

Sponsorship - Junior Tide Rugby
Sponsorship - Junior Tide Rugby

While rugby holds a strong place on Vancouver Island and carries with it a rich history, it still maintains a somewhat fringe status with respect to funding. Representative Rugby, particularly at the junior level, is primarily funded by what many call today the “pay to play” model. Quite simply, if our rugby youth aspire to compete at these levels, they must pay the costs associated (travel, accommodations, uniforms, gear, training, medical, etc.).

To reduce overall costs borne to these athletes and their families, we are seeking sponsorship from your business with advertising through the following:

  • Silver Level – Practice/Warm Up Jersey. Sponsors displayed on the back of the jersey.
  • Gold Level – Practice/Warm Up Jersey and Playing Shorts with sponsors on the back.
  • Crimson Tide Level – Includes advertising on all the above and coach polos, player polos, and 10×4 Tent banners displayed at all major events.

Sponsorship Exposure

Starting in 2024 our sponsors will not only be exposed for the Provincial Regional Tournament at UBC but also for the Vancouver  Invitational Sevens in February and the U19 Dunbar Keg tournament held in the months of September and October. All of our sponsors will continue to be displayed and promoted on both our website, social media and any communication emails sent out.

The warmup jerseys and match day shorts will be used not only at the PRC’s and VSI’s but also during exhibition matches with touring clubs from outside of BC. Not only that but players take pride in making Tide and wear both throughout the year at school and club rugby events.

We have a total of 215 athletes training and playing throughout the season with your business being advertised. Obviously, the reach of this sponsorship goes beyond the players. It extends to their families and the greater rugby community which represents exposure well beyond the 215 families involved with the teams.

On behalf of the entire Junior Tide Rugby program thank you very much for considering this sponsorship opportunity to assist our youth athletes in their representative rugby.
For more details please email us at [email protected].

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