January 10th to March 2nd 2023

Tuesday or Thursday @ 7:15pm – 8:30pm (one session per week)

Forge Gym – 989 Johnson St

$140 per month ($35 per session) – paid monthly

All Genders – Age group 04 to 09

The Rugby Performance & Lifting Camp is designed to provide young athletes of all genders with guidance on how to train effectively for rugby in the gym and develop skills and practices within the sport of Rugby that apply to all positions. In addition to the sport specific skills & practices, athletes will be exposed to invaluable experience in high performance that will help them apply themselves to the process of excelling in sport.

Athletes will learn proper form and basics to perform squats, deadlifts and cleans/power cleans safely, in addition to a vast array of accessory exercises for balance, coordination and strength in the major muscle groups.

We will also take time at the beginning of each session to cover a variety of high performance topics like prehab/mobility practices, nutrition, ownership & accountability, skill development, recovery, & more. With guest appearances from a number of Olympians & former national team players, the athletes will get first hand accounts about what to expect from a high performance environment and what the expectations are for high performance athletes.

The sessions will run from 7:15pm – 8:30pm, with the first 15-20 minutes being used to discuss the framework of the session, go over our performance topic of the week, and demo important aspects of the lifts we’ll be performing that evening.

The goal is to have the athletes on the floor for 50-60 minutes with warmup included, and our sessions will have a major lifting component with a rugby skills & accessories component. It is the goal that by the end of this program, the athletes will feel confident in knowing the “why” aspect of their training and feel confident in being an active participant in their own development. Additionally, they will take with them core concepts of high performance that will serve them through their entire sports career if applied consistently. Lastly, we can’t forget one of the most important aspect of sport at any level, which is to have fun and enjoy the process!



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